Lenny Shabes





1967 – 1969 Los Angeles City College

1969- 1972 UCLA Film School

1971 -1972 CBS Intern Program


1972 – 1981 Founder “The Video Centers”,  CEO and founder of America’s first retail home video specialty chain of stores.  Built seven stores between 1972 -1981 and successfully sold the stores to the Federated Group in 1980.


1975 – 1981 Co-Founder VHS Videovision”, Concurrently with the Video Centers, Mr. Shabes was CEO of America’s first company engaged in the licensing of Hollywood content (movies) and distribution of video cassettes targeted to the then nascent home video market.


1982 Founder - Chairman of theAmerican Sailing Association”, an  association of 350 sailing schools, 7000 sailing instructors, and a half a million certified sailors.


1989 – 2015 Founder of and CEO “WATV Productions”, a specialty television programming, production service, and consulting company.  Responsible for overseeing the production and delivery of over 2000 episodes of television to Discovery, Velocity, Spike, ESPN, TLC, Outdoor Channel, Outdoor Network, Speed National Geographic’s, Prime Network, Prime Network, Fox Sports.


Founded WATV Digital Division


2007 -2007 Founded and Developed streaming digital OTT Television Network for University film studies programs “Student Film Network”  consequently sold to WAVX (Nasdaq listed)


2007 - 2015 Programming ConsultantInitiated and administered multi million dollar content agreements with “Yahoo Autos” for automotive content and factory promotion.


2007- 2015 Co-founded and Developed “Torque.TV”, a start-up OTT digital Television Network for Motorheads. Board member and director of programming through the successful sale of the company to The Enthusiast Network (TEN) the owners of Motortrend, Automobile, and Hot Rod Magazine.  Torque, now Motor Trend On Demand, recently was purchased by the Discovery Networks.


2015 – Present  Chairman of ASA, Responsible for long range strategic planning for ASA. 

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