Reagan Haynes

Reagan_Haynes_2Reagan Haynes has been writing business news for the boating industry for nearly 14 years with Soundings Trade Only, having worked full-time at the magazine as an associate editor since May 2012.

Haynes majored in Journalism at SUNY New Paltz back when it seemed like a viable career option, and began her tenure in the boating industry in 2001 having just completed a 9-month temp job position at the Associated Press in Albany, N.Y. After interviewing for a full-time position at Soundings Trade Only –and subsequently turning it down because it was too far away to commute –she began freelancing for the publication during full-time reporting jobs at the Associated Press in Baltimore and later, as a general assignments reporter at the daily, family-owned Frederick News-Post in Maryland.

In 2005, Haynes moved to Detroit with her husband Dave Fish, and upon learning she was pregnant – literally the day after Fish accepted his new position – she began writing monthly stories for Trade Only. She also wrote things like merchant processing fraud risk manuals for the payments industry. That paid really well, but she liked writing about boats a lot more.

Two editors and two kids later (she recently had yet another), Haynes moved to the greater Boston area with her family. Happy to be back by the coast, she began increasing her freelance work for Trade Only as the recession decimated the banking, boating, and journalism industries. She had covered a variety of boating topics from environmental regulations to merchandise marketing to minorities in the industry, but found that the recession provided a launching point for some topics of interest she hadn’t expected. Those included banking, financing, bankruptcy, supply chain manufacturing management, analysis of trends that affect economic growth, and mostly, big-picture articles about the overall health of the industry. Haynes also freelanced for several other business publications during that time, typically focusing on the boating and coastal lifestyle, but also writing about education and other issues.

She still works from her greater Boston-area home with three kids and husband, though his job mostly occurs in an office.

The boating industry continues to keep Haynes interested with a vast array of topics she has had the fortune of covering over the last decade-plus. In that time, she has come to not only feel personally attached to the experience of boating with her family, she has also become connected with boats themselves, people who love them, as well as those who make their living building them, selling them, and all things related to them.

Her stories have earned awards over the years including the AP’s Best Business story of 2003 (in the region and circulation) with the Frederick News-Post, numerous Apex business story awards as a freelancer at Trade Only, and a 2nd-place Boat Writers International Award in 2014 for the January 2013 article, “Insurance Costs Likely to Spiral.”

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