How to Get Started in Sailing!

Sailing is a great sport and lots of fun! If you are a newcomer, you probably want to know how to get started. All it takes is a little time on the water and a basic understanding of what powers a sailboat. With some basic education, you’ll soon be in control and enjoying the sun on your face and the wind in your sails!

Click below for information about Sailing Basics, Safety at Sea and for information about Discover Boating.

Also, visit our E-News section for a fantastic assortment of articles featuring great questions and answers from the pros about sailing activities, and also our Schools section for information about how to take lessons from the experts.

Have fun and we'll see you on the water!


Sailing Basics
An introduction to sailing theory, parts of a sailboat, points of sail, wind, and navigation. Excerpted from SAIL Magazine's "Best Little Learn to Sail Book Ever."


Safety At Sea
Resources to help you on your way to becoming a well-rounded, law-abiding sailor. Learn the in's and out's of sailing the seas.

  Discover Boating
Whether you are an experienced boater or just getting started, is a helpful resource for all your boating questions. Our helpful tips, articles and interactive tools, such as boat selector tool and beginner’s guide to boating will make your time on the water a safe and fun adventure. 

Sailing Wind Wheel  

Sailing Wind Wheel
The foundation of sailing is the wind. When we understand the wind sailing becomes very easy. This visual and interactive teaching tool combined with the 2x2 Micro Method, (a full color manual) will walk you through the basics of sailing in a way that is so easy you will find learning to sail a breeze...

Find Sailing Resources In Your State. Hosted by the National Sailing Hall of Fame, the Sailing Resource Locator allows sailors and non-sailors alike to see at a glance what sailing resources are located in their area. Categories include: Community Sailing Centers & Sailing Schools, College Sailing, High School Sailing, Youth Sailing, Cruising Clubs & Association, Yacht Racing Associations, Yacht Clubs, and Class/Manufacturer Clubs & Associations. Send the National Sailing Hall of Fame an email today with your additions to: [email protected].

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