Chuck Murphy

Chuck Murphy:


Chuck is the CEO of Boston Interactive having founded the company in 1999.  Chuck understood early on how the power of the Internet could change how we communicate and conduct business online.  Chuck has led Boston Interactive to be the 10th fastest growing company in Boston by providing vision and keeping focused on delivering effective web based solutions.  Chuck frequently speaks on website best practices, and is active in many of the local professional organizations.  Chuck is on the awards advisory board for MITX (Massachusetts Information & Technology Exchange) and the advisory board for the Boston SIM (Society of Information Management).


Chuck grew up on the South Shore and attended California State University, Long Beach where he received degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.  He played for the Cal State Rugby team before traveling overseas to play for a semi-professional rugby team.  Chuck is proud of the 24 different country stamps in his well worn passport.  He now plays the gentler sport of golf and can be found at his Friday 11:43 “meeting” on Cape Cod during the summers.

CONTACT US 50 Water Street Warren, RI 02885
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