Session & Speaker Descriptions

General Session- The Southwest Way: Doing the Right Thing

Colette will give you a 30,000 ft. overview of Southwest Airlines’ culture and Doing the Right Thing.  Her presentation will include a little bit of Southwest’s history along with examples of what their culture is all about and how this award-winning culture has created an organization that is highly-respected by both employees and industry leaders.  Colette will provide tips on how you can make small changes within your organization to achieve your desired culture.


Colette Williamson: 


An engaging leader, speaker, trainer and certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Colette started her career as a teacher.  After being in education for 20+ years, she eventually married her passion for training with her love of travel and began her journey with Southwest Airlines in 2010.  Colette is currently Manager of Leadership & Employee Training at Southwest Airlines University, where she and her team focusses on professional development for all 60,000 employees of the company.  Colette is passionate about hospitality, customer service, employee engagement, onboarding, and corporate culture.



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