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Breakout- Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining the Next Generation Team Member

Finding clients has always been a challenge for small business owners, but in today’s uber-competitive business environment, it’s even harder. So, how do you attract and retain customers and clients? The same way you always did—marketing. What’s different is there are so many different ways to reach clients today, it’s easy to overlook the most effective.

Plus, marketing has changed drastically in the last decade or so, businesses need to create integrated marketing plans that cover the essentials of client attraction today, including SEO, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and social media.

While that may sound overwhelming—and it can be a lot of information to digest—in this session we’ll discuss the various marketing channels and which ones will work best for you. We’ll also talk about the most affordable ways for you to connect and engage with your clients.

Today, customers and clients are judging businesses based on the CX, or customer experience you give them. You’ll learn about what your clients expect from you—and how you can meet and beat those expectations.

Rieva Lesonsky


Rieva Lesonsky is president and CEO of GrowBiz Media, a custom content and media company focusing on small business and entrepreneurship, and the blog She’s a nationally-known speaker, best-selling author, and authority on entrepreneurship and has covered the industry for more than 40 years. Prior to starting GrowBiz Media, she was the long-time Editorial Director of Entrepreneur magazine. She wrote the best-selling Start Your Own Business. Her newest book is Small Business Hacks: 100 Shortcuts to Success.

Lesonsky regularly writes about small business and entrepreneurship for print and digital media outlets and also consults with and produces content for corporations about entrepreneurs and small business owners.  

She is a member of the Business Journalists Hall of Fame.

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