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The two-day Sail America’s Industry Conference is the place for sailing professionals. The conference features educational seminars, workshops, and networking events.

The first day will focus on Modern Marketing and the Customer Lifecycle.  The traditional marketing funnel is no longer effective in reaching customers and we will explore the Customer Lifecycle and the various touchpoints along the buyer’s journey to learn best practices and effective techniques to build awareness, reach and engage with our existing and new audiences.

The second day will focus Growing Sailing.  The discussion will bring together the newly formed Grow Sailing Leadership team from the industry to share and learn from us how we can work together to build sailing.  We will hear from an industry panel that will share best practices and finally end the conference with a keynote speaker who will share the skiing industry's experience with their campaign to help build skiing.

This event is the place for Sailing Industry professionals to learn about new topics and trends, receive updates, and network with event participants and speakers. The conference will feature a regatta, a day and a half of educational sessions, and an industry dinner.  


CONTACT US 50 Water Street Warren, RI 02885
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