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Session Description- Influencer Marketing – Strategies & Best Practices for Any Budget 

Sixty-one percent of marketers claim to have a hard time finding the right influencers, yet 65 percent increased their budgets last year (Forbes). How do you find influencers who align to your brand and use your product or service? What KPIs should you track to measure ROI? Travelopia’s content and social media expert can show you how to kickstart your influencer marketing strategy. 

Terese Kerrigan


Terese E. Kerrigan has been a part of the Travelopia family since 2018. Using her social media and content marketing expertise, she creates memorable, informative and persuasive channel-specific campaigns for Travelopia’s global Yachts Division. Specializing in lead generation and brand awareness, she emphasizes the power of leveraging customer insights, social listening, and influencer partnerships. 
CONTACT US 50 Water Street Warren, RI 02885
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