Keep a Clean Boat

The first rule and simplest task associated with boat ownership: Wash your boat regularly.

  • If you boat in saltwater, rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove salt residue.
  • A long-handled boat brush or a spray wand make the job pretty easy, you can find it at your local marine retail store.
  • To protect your boat’s finish, be sure to use soaps and cleaners made just for boats.
  • If you have any wood on your decks, be sure you varnish it. Sprucing up the bright-work on your boat builds character and turns heads in the harbor.
  • Wipe down all external surfaces with a highly absorbant cloth, such as a chamois, to remove any condensation, spray, or easy-to-lift dirt particles. Your guests don't want to sit on a dirty surface.
  • Make sure your boat enters the water with a clean bottom and inspect the hull bottom on a regular basis. Ask your local marina for assistance if you find this task to be daunting.

If you’re tempted to let these chores slide consider this fact: a boat with a clean hull bottom is more fuel-efficient than a hull that’s covered with algae or other aquatic scum. A dirty hull can easily add up to 30% of fuel cost.

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