Safety Systems

Life rafts are an important safety requirement on ships. Like any equipment, even life rafts require periodic servicing and maintenance. The reason for life raft repairing and their maintenance is that you want it to work if you need it!

Plumbing Systems

No aspect of boat maintenance is more crucial to vessel safety than proper maintenance of the plumbing systems. Plumbing devices keep the water out of the boat. When the boat is hauled, especially for a spring refit, or before relaunching in the spring, the thru-hulls and seacocks are the most critical areas to check. These items can only be serviced or replaced when the boat is out of the water. So this is the time to check them.
Inspecting Your Plumbing

Mechanical Systems

The mechanical systems on board your boat require inspection. If you have a stove and an oven onboard, the fuel system to the stove should be inspected along with the hoses. Both manual and automatic bilge pumps require inspection each time you step aboard your boat. Wood or fiberglass constructed, a bilge filled with water came from somewhere and is indicative of a leak. If there is no water, pull up on the float switch just to be safe that it is working properly.
A windlass, if you have one, can be an essential piece of safety equipment on a boat. If necessary, due to a loss of propulsion or steering control, the windlass must deploy quickly and safely to secure the vessel. In addition to its safety purpose, cruising yachts rely on their windlass to anchor in remote anchorages. Failure to deploy or retrieve an anchor is at worst a safety hazard, and at best a major nuisance. Often overlooked, periodic servicing is critical to the proper operation of the windlass.
Maxwell Winch Maintenance Guide
Wheelhouse Technologies Windlass Inspection Course

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